Winners 2015


The European Gold Medal in Logistics and Supply Chain "Project of the year 2015" as well as 'Best presentation' goes to Nestlé-Pepsico (BE)


Creation of a horizontal collaboration community for fresh & chilled food distribution between Pepsico and Nestlé

The goal of the project was to develop and implement a special strategic collaboration aspect of supply chain between companies that are basically big competitors of each other. This is the cooperation that many have talked about but very few have put the ideas into practice.
With the fundamental help of the trustee and the IT company, involving the necessary legal partners, one can see a special holistic view where aspects such as trust, gain sharing, as well as technical ones have been taken into account.
This very successful project is a real best practice case to be followed by others! Clearly shows that based on honest relationship how competitors can find the common and best way to reach their own goals together with solutions to the environmental challenges as well.
The nice results, savings and comprehensive solutions guarantee the long term life of this collaboration.
Based on these advantages, success and comprehensive solutions the jury has nominated the Nestlé-Pepsico project to be the winner of
ELA European Gold Medal in Logistics and Supply Chain 2015



The European Gold Medal in Logistics and Supply Chain "Professional of the year 2015" goes to Anestis Partalidis (GR) 


This for being in the forefront of the Greek Logistics Industry for 20 years.

-    in 1995, when he was responsible for the setup of the first automatic sorter for boxes in Greece
-    In 2004, in charge of the relocation of an enterprise  to a new 25000sqm location over a  w/e without jeopardizing the replenishment of the numerous clients’  stores
-    Since 2009, in charge of high tech 35000sqm distribution centre  with extraordinary throughput and failure standards