Who can become ELA Certified

There are three levels in the ELA Certification system

  • For supervisors in an operational role and for first line managers we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Supervisory/Operational Management level - EJLog
  • For managers or consultants planning, coordinating and controlling different parts of the logistics network we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Senior Management level - ESLog
  • For senior managers, senior consultants or directors with considerable experience in logistics management we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Strategic Management level - EMLog

Who can become a National Certification Centre (NCC)

In general, any organisation can become a National Certification Centre (NCC), so long as they can guarantee a quality of performance and consistency within the set of rules defined as rights and obligations as set out in a signed contract,.

Logistics associations, institutes, educational bodies are particularly predisposed for this role.

In particular the following principles have to respected:

  • assessment and certification is separate from education and training
  • there are no preconditions as to the educational background of candidates applying for certification
  • There are no limitations in terms of the geographical location of applying organisations but the organisation itself will have an assigned territory within in which they can offer certification.

ECBL may appoint only one Awarding Body in each territory (called The National Certification Centre), which will be responsible for the programme. In general, a territory will be a country. Departures from these rules - only in exceptional circumstances - may result from justified reasons and have to be approved by the ECBL Board and then by the ECBL General Assembly.

It is recommended that a candidate NCC is a member of the European Logistics Association, so any organisation applying for ECBL participation will be encouraged to join The European Logistics Association as a full or an associate member. The reason for this recommendation is that – in fact – the competence standards implemented and used by ECBL for certification are owned by ELA.

If in a country there are already ELA member associations, these organisations get the first option of becoming the National Certification Centre for their territory.

If there is no national ELA member association the application shall be investigated by the ECBL Board and the participation may be granted fully or temporarily by the General Assembly of the European Certification Board for Logistics.