Concept of the ELA Certification

The system

The ELA Standards of Logistics Competence reflect the expectations of workplace performance for logisticians and they have been developed with and agreed by the industry. The Standards are outcome-based and form the basis of assessment. Assessment is independent of any learning programs.

The ability of candidates to meet the required Standards will be assessed by our National Certification Boards.

We offer

One common standard

Using the same terminology and definitions everywhere.

International Recognition

ELA certification is widely recognised. This increases the flexibility and mobility of your certified logistics employees.

A local assessment by National Certification Boards

Assessment is available from our National Certification Boards established in more than 20 countries.

What we offer you as an organisation

A Standard of Competence

ELA certification recognises people’s competence making the certificate extremely attractive for serving as a basis for evaluation, training and recruitment.

The European Quality Framework - EQF

The ELA Standards are mapped to the European Qualification Framework, an EU initiative for harmonising life-long learning.

The EQF is a common European reference system that links a number of national qualifications systems and frameworks together. In practice, it functions as a translation device making qualifications transferable. Using this common framework enables learners and workers to have their skills and qualifications recognised in many countries.

Updated regularly and in touch with the needs of the market

The ELA Standards are updated on a regular basis. Through a network of experts and logistics professionals, the Standards are checked against the needs of the market.

What we offer you as a  Logistics Professional

A Standard of Competence

An ELA certificate recognises competences and validates logisticians’ experience at different levels.

The three levels are:
  • For supervisors in an operational role and for first line managers we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Supervisory/Operational Management level - EJLog
  • For managers or consultants planning, coordinating and controlling different parts of the logistics network we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Senior Management level - ESLog
  • For senior managers, senior consultants or directors with considerable experience in logistics management we offer the European Certified Logistician at the Strategic Management level - EMLog
Independent and neutral assessment

We offer individuals an independent, neutral assessment of skills and knowledge to identify strengths and gaps for future development.